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While pursuing growth at professional or personal level, one occasionally needs to research or find information for making informed decisions. The skills one has and continues to develop should make the process of finding relevant information easier.

The combined resources of the Resource Centre and the Internet should create an almost endless amount of information available to you.

Orientation on how to access service from the Resource Centre

The topics in this orientation session/course is intended to:

  1. Introduce Resource Centre users to its physical and online resources. 
  2. Impart information literacy skills

For further instruction or assistance in using any of the resources, please contact Librarian via email, phone or visit us in person. We look forward to assisting you!

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Leadership, management and integrity are co-related issues. They concern the aspects of organization of people to achieve a goal be it common or varied. In the achievement of the said goal, actions will be taken as a team, or individually. Resources will be utilized either by a team accountable or by a person designate. It is therefore requisite that persons with integrity, who possess the right managerial and or leadership skills are placed in the positions of authority to ensure congruency of goals, and their achievement in a transparent manner.

leader addressing a group of people

Political Parties in the 2010 Constitution and the Political Parties Act, 2011 (PPA) are bodies corporate which engage in the pursuit of power. This pursuit involves various activities that bring into play the requirement of leadership and managed which cannot be done in isolation of integrity. Additionally, as a country, our leaders are supposed to come from the various parties and we would like to have leaders of integrity which will be achieved if the whole body has the requisite integrity to hold the ‘integrity looking’ glass in the selection of its candidates for the ballot and nomination.

TARGET PARTICIPANT: Persons seeking leadership position in public service or private undertakings. Youth, Women and PWDs encouraged.

At the end of this course the learner should be able to:

  • To define leadership, management & integrity
  • To identify the types of leadership and management
  • To describe the types of leadership and management
  • To explain the role of women and youth in leadership
  • To explain the process of party primary elections